We are not robots


In my last post, I said when I prefer to edit and when I prefer not edit. Today I want to tell you a little story of the same project. We’ll concentrate ourselves to the song that we decide to edit. I edit the whole thing out, drum, bass, guitars vocal, harmonica.

I was in my home-studio, my kid was sleeping and the house was pretty calm. I edit the song after a whole day of hard work and wanted absolutely to finish editing it that day.

I started my edition, kick, snare and bass on the grid, I try to fix guitar timing problem and everything was fine. The lead vocal and back vocals were pretty tight so there was not a need of editing it that much. At this moment, I begin to feel a little tired, but I wanted to finish, so I kept going.

The last instrument to edit was the harmonica. While listening to the song I found that the harmonica was always to fast or to slow, something wasn’t quite right and I begin crazy of editing. I finished it that day finally.

Next day, I did a fast rough mix and send it to the artist so he can hear the foundation of my mix. He liked a lot what he hear but he said to me that one harmonica part was too tight, feels like a robot playing. I listen back and guess what? He was right. I scrap that part out and take the original track, unedited and just move it until it feels right. It was an 8 bars tracks and I just moved the whole thing. We get the feeling back.

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