7 reasons to choose an EP over full album


Hi everybody,
this week I want to talk about the reasons that bring me to do an EP instead of an album.

Faster, We all have busy life and for most of us music is a past-time more than a living. So we got to deal with a busy schedule, works, kids… By doing an EP you can give something to your fans faster.

Quantity, By having 4 to 6 songs, you can focus more on the songs and keep your momentum to finish things out, 12 songs can be a bit hard to keep it, but still doable.

Times are changing, With digital distribution, we can see tendency of people buying more single and less full album. EP is a good compromise between those.

Cost, Do the math quickly, but recording, mixing and mastering 6 songs will be less expensive than 12 songs. It will let you have more money for pushing your songs to radio or whatever you want to do to let your songs be heard.

Make your fans not forget you, When releasing an album each 2 or 3 years your fans, maybe will go see you in average 2-3 times and then there is a chance that they forget you or lose interest. By releasing an EP each year or each 18 months, you still are refreshing yourself and your fans are still engaging.

Cheaper to buy, Most of the people now have access to free music, it is sad but they are less willing to pay for music. By selling an EP like half of the price of an album you are below the 10$ bar and it can makes the people encourage you easier than if it will cost a “two digit” number.

Allows you to change rapidly, When you are making an album maybe one musical style will show up more and in theory you will keep going that way. You know that we are always changing and probably the songs you’ve written 2 years ago doesn’t reflect exactly what you feel now. By going with an EP you can do one EP folk, next year rock, next year blues… You also can take it as a concept, kind of trilogy of music gender.

There are my 7 reasons why you should go record an EP instead of a full album. I hope you enjoy it. If you like what you have read please share this to your friends, whoever could be interested with it.

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