We are not robots


In my last post, I said when I prefer to edit and when I prefer not edit. Today I want to tell you a little story of the same project. We’ll concentrate ourselves to the song that we decide to edit. I edit the whole thing out, drum, bass, guitars vocal, harmonica.

I was in my home-studio, my kid was sleeping and the house was pretty calm. I edit the song after a whole day of hard work and wanted absolutely to finish editing it that day.

I started my edition, kick, snare and bass on the grid, I try to fix guitar timing problem and everything was fine. The lead vocal and back vocals were pretty tight so there was not a need of editing it that much. At this moment, I begin to feel a little tired, but I wanted to finish, so I kept going.

The last instrument to edit was the harmonica. While listening to the song I found that the harmonica was always to fast or to slow, something wasn’t quite right and I begin crazy of editing. I finished it that day finally.

Next day, I did a fast rough mix and send it to the artist so he can hear the foundation of my mix. He liked a lot what he hear but he said to me that one harmonica part was too tight, feels like a robot playing. I listen back and guess what? He was right. I scrap that part out and take the original track, unedited and just move it until it feels right. It was an 8 bars tracks and I just moved the whole thing. We get the feeling back.

To edit or to not edit

Last week-end I had a recording session with a songwriter and the project was to record 2 songs. The songwriter had already broken his songs to several show, he knew what to do.

While recording, we already take the decision if we will edit or not. The first was a folk song, very rhythmic and it was easy to be a little exited and rushed the performance. For this song we decide to make edition, to be sure everything is tight.

The second was a very intimate song and it was like a cry from the heart. The recording was with the full band and they were just playing with their heart and soul. The band was pretty tight and we had a great vibe around it, this is one reason why we can keep the performance. The singer was very great and we can keep the track of his vocal, not a lot of bleed on it so we already had the perfect feel.

There is no great or wrong answer about editing, simply do what you are comfortable with. For me, I always go with the song, some songs will be more apt to be edited and some others you just want to keep it as a performance. It depends also how you record it, just be confident and everything will goes well.