Tribute to drummers

If there is one thing I find important when creating an album is to have a good groove. Today I will give you three reasons why I hired a drummer and why every person who composes and record himself should do the same.



Image courtesy of @FredMarcotte



Each drummer plays a certain way, he knows when to play harder or softer, depending on what the song needed. Moreover, it is tight, which makes it easier to work when editing. It also knows how to hit this gives some consistency in sound, some confidence that translates perfectly fine when listening once recording is complete.

The Tone

Although the technique gives a certain tone, the equipment used also helps a lot. The size of the toms, the kick drum, the snare and cymbals influence the sound. Thus, the entire drum is an extension of the musician. It is important to mention that he knows how to tune the drum, which adds to the color of musician you engaged and it makes so much a huge difference when you replay the recordings.


Each person has a different way of playing and different influences. When you hire a drummer you have a wealth of different experiences grooves different fills that they can think of, that will serve much better song than if you were trying to do it yourself. The creativity of the moment that allows you to add just a shade that only them can just imagine and allows the song to go in another direction, out of the mold that we are used to hear.


I hope I have convinced you. On your next production full album or EP or even single. I think to hire a drummer who knows his instrument and that is tight make a huge difference in your final product. What do you think?