Happy New Year


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Happy new year everybody, I’m a little bit late, still missing time. January is the time for me to think about the New Year and thinking about what I want to accomplish. Whether on personal or musical plan I try to find 3 things that I want to improve. So I had the idea to share my 3 things that I want to improve in 2015.

1st Finish my EP.

In 2014 I begin to write 11 songs and ask myself what I wanted to do. I decide to go for an EP 5 or 6 songs. Drum and bass are already recorded and then I have a newborn baby in November, so my free time went down drastically. So in 2015, I will take a little time each week to work on it. I will work at least 1hr each week on it. This is totally doable.

2nd Improving my guitar playing.

You know, I play guitar since I’m 12 year’s old, now I’m 28 and I notice I never take the time to really improve my playing. This year I will take it. First thing, I will not use a pick anymore, only use my fingers, for lead guitar and soloing. Second I will work 30 minutes a week learning new lick and theory.

3rd I want to help indie artist to find their sound for EP or album.

As a mixing/mastering engineer I want to help more and more indie artist to sound like they want. I know working on our songs is a hard process and every artist want his songs to sound the closest to the perfection possible. This is my mission for 2015, my most important goal.

And you what are your goals for 2015?

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