To edit or to not edit

Last week-end I had a recording session with a songwriter and the project was to record 2 songs. The songwriter had already broken his songs to several show, he knew what to do.

While recording, we already take the decision if we will edit or not. The first was a folk song, very rhythmic and it was easy to be a little exited and rushed the performance. For this song we decide to make edition, to be sure everything is tight.

The second was a very intimate song and it was like a cry from the heart. The recording was with the full band and they were just playing with their heart and soul. The band was pretty tight and we had a great vibe around it, this is one reason why we can keep the performance. The singer was very great and we can keep the track of his vocal, not a lot of bleed on it so we already had the perfect feel.

There is no great or wrong answer about editing, simply do what you are comfortable with. For me, I always go with the song, some songs will be more apt to be edited and some others you just want to keep it as a performance. It depends also how you record it, just be confident and everything will goes well.

My Deadlines

clock-158617_640Hi, today I will share you the deadlines


Composition, I give myself one month to compose the entire album, in fact I wanted to have 16 songs to the end of the month. I finally get 15, but it is OK, if I haven’t set deadline I probably would have 5 maybe 6 songs. So the fact that I had deadline force me to focus as a songwriter and get a lot of the job done. Anyway my album will have 12 songs so I can cut some songs that doesn’t fit with the other. Time : 1 month

- Scratch Track, This seems to be very simple but it’s worth the afternoon recording you with only a guitar. For me this is where I find the tempo of the song, the one that I’m comfortable with and I record the scratch track with the metronome.  This is where I set up my plan for the song.  Example : Intro, Verse 1, Riff, Bridge…  Once I’m done the structure of the song will not move. Time : 1 week

- Arrangement, Once I’m done with the tempo and have a solid scratch track, I start thinking which instrument will complement the song I have written. This is a crucial step, because you want you song to be interesting from the beginning to the end. You can demo things at this steps to see if it fits well. Time : 1 month

- Recording, This seems a big steps, but if you did your homework before, this should not suppose to be that long because you will know what you want to record. I will give you some tips to make a killer recording session later. Time : 4 days (2 week-end)

- Mixing, This is a complicated part, because I don’t know if you can mix or not, are you a fast mixer or not, so I will give how long it takes for me but it can be faster or slower depending of your situation. Time : 12 days (one mix per day)

- Mastering, Another complicated part for deadline, but this is pretty fast for me, since I put every songs in the same session and do like 80 to 95% of the same process to each songs. Time : 1 day

I hope you enjoy, try this for your next album and tell me if it works for you.

Have a nice day!


January-2014-PDF-Calendar-Letter-Format-US-HolidaysHi everybody, welcome to my new website.  With this blog I’m gonna show you little tips about recording, mixing, songwriting and guitar playing.  I hope you’ll enjoy.

Before going crazy and record each song, I think it is more simple to fix deadline to the process of the album. By doing this, you won’t work simultaneously on 12 songs and never advance your project. It is important to focus on each step and switch between all the hats as the steps goes by. Producer, Musician, Arranger, Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer…

Without deadline you will not feel the urge of finish things up and it can last for too long, maybe you will never finish the project. If you go step by step, with deadline you will finish it. Do you know what happen when you finish something? You learn and become better, this is the only way to improve, keep practicing. It takes me a lot of time to understand this, but this is so true and when you understand that, it totally change your life.

I’ll show you soon my deadlines for my next album, maybe you can try and see if it works for you.