Mixing and Mastering

“Michel has shown itself efficient and professional in his approach, always courteous and connoisseurs of the artist’s needs.” FIL

You have composed songs and the arrangement worked. You’ve spent hours recording for everything sounds perfect. You are proud of your project.

Could they sound better? YES

I do not pretend to be the best engineer in the world, I like to think I’m very good. I have something you do not have, however, a second pair of ears attentive to the needs of your project. I listen to your songs will reach another level with my creativity and my long hours of listening and analysis of styles of songs.

In a few moments you will hear excerpts from songs I mixed.



  • My “feeling” of the first listen
  • Good use of the EQ to balance all tracks
  • A compression button to keep all the tracks under control
  • Using useful “reverb and delay” to create the perfect sense of space
  • Creativity

Not Included

  • Edition
  • Tuning
  • Best Recording
  • Best performance



  • Stereo Widening
  • A little sound excitement (Saturation)
  • EQ
  • Maximize

Not Included

  • Best mix


Being a songwriter myself, I understand that it is difficult to leave the project in the hands of someone else and hope for a perfect mix without even giving his opinion. Let me reassure you.

For each mix, I include two other revisions according to your opinion on the song. This approach helps ensure that you are perfectly happy with the result.


… The end result was perfect for us, both in terms of sound quality and a personal touch …

R. Lefebvre


It’s hard to make you an opinion without hearing my work. Here are some samples, I hope you enjoy and that we can work together.


Like what you hear? Let’s get your sound’s perfection. Contact me to schedule a mixing session

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