January-2014-PDF-Calendar-Letter-Format-US-HolidaysHi everybody, welcome to my new website.  With this blog I’m gonna show you little tips about recording, mixing, songwriting and guitar playing.  I hope you’ll enjoy.

Before going crazy and record each song, I think it is more simple to fix deadline to the process of the album. By doing this, you won’t work simultaneously on 12 songs and never advance your project. It is important to focus on each step and switch between all the hats as the steps goes by. Producer, Musician, Arranger, Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer…

Without deadline you will not feel the urge of finish things up and it can last for too long, maybe you will never finish the project. If you go step by step, with deadline you will finish it. Do you know what happen when you finish something? You learn and become better, this is the only way to improve, keep practicing. It takes me a lot of time to understand this, but this is so true and when you understand that, it totally change your life.

I’ll show you soon my deadlines for my next album, maybe you can try and see if it works for you.